Milk Smart Event

Milk Smart Event

Posted by on 28 April 2014

The Rylib Group Ma Taua team hosted DairyNZ and the local dairy farming community for a MilkSmart event on 11 March 2014. This took a huge effort from the whole team in preparation, which paid off as the farm looked awesome! A huge thank you to all involved. It was great to see staff from our other farms attending some of the workshops as well.

We received really positive feedback from the organisers – it is apparently the highest attendance they have had for one of their events ever! Approximately 300 people attended the day and the clinics/workshops, which were aimed at all levels of the team as follows:


Course Topic



Content Relevant For:

Farm Assistant/New to Dairying

Operational Managers


Senior Managers / Farm Decision Makers


Careers & Training

Advice for the whole farm team. Come and discuss career options and available training opportunities

DairyNZ People Team




Healthy Hoof

Talk to a healthy hoof provider about lameness concerns

DairyNZ Animal Husbandry Specialists




Smart Water Use

Issues with water use? Talk to your local sustainability advisor





Milking Efficiency

Benchmark your milking performance





Employees & Employment

For employee and employer questions and concerns

DairyNZ People Team




Healthy Udder

Do you have an issue with mastitis? Come along and discuss

DairyNZ Animal Husbandry Specialists




The Principles of Milking Efficiency

What drives efficiency and what can you do to improve it

Paul Edwards




Cow Flow from Whoa to Go

How to assess existing cow flow, identify common issues and solutions to improve cow flow.

Neil Chesterton




Leadership in Practice

Effective ways to build a top team on your farm

DairyNZ People Team




A Cows Point of View

Understanding how cows view the world and why they react the way they do.

DairyNZ Animal Husbandry Specialist




Milking Technologies

What should you know before investing in n-shed technologies?

Paul Edwards




Getting the Most out of ACR’s

Using ACRs to maximise your milking efficiency

Paul Edwards and milking equipment manufacturers




Cows and People

Practical tips on cow behaviour and how to work with cows.

DairyNZ Animal Husbandry Specialists




Practical People Management

Making people management easier with simple tips and tools

DairyNZ People Team




Demystifying Milk Liners and Liner Selection

How to find the best liners for your cows and milking machine

Josh Wheeler




Management to Minimise Mastitis

Healthy udder principles for preventing, finding and treating mastitis

David Hawkins




Save Water, Save Time

Practical tips and tricks for improving wash-down efficiency

DairyNZ Sustainability team




The Cow and the Milking Plant

How to fine-tune your milking plant for happy healthy cows and efficient milking

Josh Wheeler & David Hawkins




Practical Skills for Healthy Udders

Practical milking skills to help prevent, find and treat mastitis

DairyNZ Animal Husbandry Specialists