2016/2017 Performance Awards

Rylib Group Performance Awards 2016/2017 Season

A great night was had by all at Rydes in Christchurch.  Thank you to all our generous sponsors.  The big winners for the night were:

  • Farm of the Year - Murray Bowden, Mahanga Farm - Sponsored by BNZ
  • Nearest to Budget - Murray Bowden, Mahanga Farm - Sponsored by Morrison Agri
  • Farm Pride - Murray Bowden, Mahanga Farm, Sponsored by BNZ
  • Highest Production - Enda Hawe, Ma Taua Farm, Sponsored by Ballance
  • 6 week in calf rate - Enda Hawe, Ma Taua Farm - Sponsored by Dairy Vets
  • Farm Environment Award - Sheldon Price, Akitu Farm - Sponsored by Waterforce

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