Todd Halliday

Farm Manager - Fairmont Farm

I’m relatively new to the industry, having previously worked in the hospitality sector before embarking on a complete career change and going to work for my wife’s parents on their North Island farm.

Embracing our new lifestyle, my family and I were searching for further opportunities, and Rylib Group offered everything we were looking for; a company which is focused on growth, where the owners are willing to share their skills and knowledge and where hard work and dedication are recognised and rewarded. 

We’ve thrived in the competitive team environment John and Kelly have created. Utilising the bullet-proof systems and structures they’ve developed over time has enabled us to find our feet in the industry, and quickly build highly effective relationships with the managers of the other farms. The unique, proactive approach of the Rylib Group has provided us with opportunities we simply wouldn’t have found elsewhere. My family and I are incredibly excited about the journey which lays ahead!


Todd Halliday

Contact Details

P: 027 541 6116