Rylib Group Performance Awards

P47378 Page 980x300 UTESThe Rylib Group Performance Awards started in 2010 as a way for John and Kelly to celebrate the collective success of the team. The awards reward individuals for their hard work and nurture a culture that recognises high achievers, laughs at their mistakes and encourages plenty of respectful fun as a team.

The annual event is sponsored by main suppliers in the form of merchandise, with the company offering monetary prizes for several of the awards. Farm Managers, Assistant Managers, key stakeholders and, of course, their partners, are all invited. 

The two biggest awards are the 'Farm Pride' award and 'Farm of the Year', based on EFS (Economic Farm Surplus). This fosters healthy competition, with Managers eager to adopt and implement the successful processes of each other’s operations on their own farms. 

The benefits of this event and the culture it helps to fuel, far outweigh the cost to the business, and every year Kelly and John relish the opportunity to show the team how much they are valued and appreciated. 

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2015 Performance Awards

2015/2016 Performance Awards

2013/2014 Performance Awards