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Rylib Group is an innovative, forward-thinking company committed to the ongoing growth and development, not only of the farms they own, but of the individuals who work on and manage those farms as well. 

By providing cutting-edge resources and industry leading systems and processes they empower their managers with confidence to take ownership of the farms they run, and have created a culture where their people can thrive.

Delivering a Quality Product.

Explore our Farms

Located in and around Ashburton and the Hinds region, these farms form the core of our organisation, helping us to deliver a quality product to some of the world’s leading manufacturers of dairy products, and allowing us to centralise our operation.

Akitu Dairies

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Delarbe Farm

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Fairmont Farm

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Kairoa Dairies

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Ma Taua Dairies

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Mahanga Dairies

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Taepu Land

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Rauch Pneumatic Spreader

This machine is now available for contracting work. Available in 36 spread widths with section control and proof of placement.

Contact Ryan on 027 330 0442 for more information.

A truly

family oriented


Our Principles and Values define us

To say we value and recognise the importance of our people is an understatement. In fact, everything we do revolves around our team and our culture.

Our farms are managed by individuals from a diverse range of backgrounds – from those who grew up in rural New Zealand and have always been immersed in agriculture, to those who worked in the corporate sector before drastically changing career paths.

Our Purpose

High Return, Simple and Enjoyable




Our Pillars

People align with our values and continue to tell the Rylib story

Educate our people and include our key people in our succession plan

Strive for Environmental Excellence

Benchmark at every opportunity to enable sustainable performance

How we operate

Our Values

We strive for a level of governance that enables every member of the team to promote excellence and deliver results.

We treat our team mates as we want to be treated

We respect each other and work as a team

We laugh at situations, not our team mates

We deliver and celebrate success

We enjoy our work

We’re honest and we keep our word A handshake is our bond

We tackle issues before they escalate

We put Health and Safety first

We are committed to our culture

Job opportunities

at Rylib Group

We offer great opportunities to grow within the Group and foster long term working relationships with every member of our team.