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Our People

Empower Each Other to Make Good Decisions

Everything we do revolves around Our Team

To say we value and recognise the importance of our people is an understatement. In fact, everything we do revolves around our team and our culture.

Our farms are managed by individuals from a diverse range of backgrounds – from those who grew up in rural New Zealand and have always been immersed in agriculture, to those who worked in the corporate sector before drastically changing career paths. No matter where they’ve come from, they’re supported by a system which was designed to foster success; which has evolved over time to cultivate the capabilities of the individual, to encourage innovative thinking, and to nurture ownership and responsibility.

We realise that any success the company enjoys is a direct result of the efforts of the individuals involved, and we recognise those efforts accordingly. Where appropriate we encourage our managers to become shareholders and business owners, working alongside them to plan for their futures and help make their dreams and aspirations a reality. As a consequence we enjoy unparalleled staff retention, and a working environment which is inspiring, invigorating, and plenty of fun to be involved in!

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John Nicholls


Kelly Nicholls


Ryan Nicholls

General Manager

Libby Nicholls

People, Culture & Brand

Sheldon Price

Farm Manager - Akitu Dairies Ltd

Mark Anderson

Farm Manager - Delarbe Farm
Screenshot 2023-06-15 145211

James Martin

Farm Manager - Fairmont Farm

Jonathon Hoets

Farm Manager - Kairoa Dairies Ltd

Murray Bowden

Farm Manager - Ma Taua Dairies Ltd

Matthew Steffensen

Farm Manager - Mahanga Farm

Nicci Russell

Finance Manager

Bradley Clucas

Spreader Driver

Tom Comer

Assistant Manager - Akitu Dairies
James L

James Love

Assistant Manager - Delarbe Farm

Maryanne Middlemiss

Assistant Manager - Fairmont Farm

Sarah Crossen

Assistant Manager - Kairoa Dairies
Shayden 1

Shayden Gardiner

Assistant Manager - Ma Taua Dairies

Shiv Raj

Assistant Manager - Mahanga Dairies

Job opportunities

at Rylib Group

We offer great opportunities to grow within the Group and foster long term working relationships with every member of our team.