2014 Performance Awards

Rylib Group Performance Awards 2013/2014 Season

What a weekend!!  Thank you to everyone for attending and celebrating the enormous talent we have in our company.  We spent two nights in Auckland at the Sky City Casino, put on the monkey suits and glad rags and celebrated in style dining at the magnificent "Grill".  A couple of our Managers felt the need to throw themselves off the big blue stick in the sky whilst one did the backwards shuffle and earn't himself the yellow tee-shirt (and the pink tie)!!!

The Big Winners were:

  • Farm of the Year (EFS/ha)Craig Minson - Ma Taua Farm Sponsored by BNZ and Rylib Group
  • Farm Pride - Todd Halliday - Delarbe Farm                              Sponsored by RD1 and Rylib Group
  • Farm Pride (Runner up) - Rachel Tairi - Ma Taua Farm         Sponsored by Rylib Group
  • Nearest to Budget for FWE - Mark Williamson - Fairmont    Sponsored by Quigley Contracting and Rylib Group
  • Highest Production/ha - Craig Minson - Ma Taua Farm        Sponsored by Rylib Group
  • Lowest Empty Rate - Craig Minson - Ma Taua Farm             Sponsored by Waterforce and Rylib Group
  • Best Effluent Performance - Lloyd Rayner - Diversion         Sponsored by CRT and Rylib Group
  • Highest Colostrum Sold - Mark Williamson - Fairmont         Sponsored by Fonterra
  • Highest in-calf rate @ 6 weeks - Todd Halliday - Delarbe    Sponsored by LIC, Vetlife and Rylib Group
  • Most Promising Staff Member - Maryann Middlemiss           Sponsored by ATS and Rylib Group
  • Most Recognised Team Member - Fiona McRae                    Sponsored by CRT

We are very grateful to a our key suppliers and business partners who have again supported our initiative by way of product, merchandise and vouchers.  They are:

  • Fonterra
  • Bank of New Zealand
  • Meridian Energy
  • ATS
  • RD1
  • Vetlife
  • LIC
  • Quigly Contracting
  • CRT
  • Ballance
  • Waterforce